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As connected mobile devices have gotten cheaper and a lot of powerful, businesses and large-scale enterprises have looked to them to provide better solutions to previous issues. From diagnostics tools on the sector to easier information access, and currently on to the ever-expanding internet of Things, there are a number of firms that have created mobility solutions for enterprises a part of their key offerings.

At its core, enterprise mobility is a method of increasing profits via the utilization of mobile devices. this can be as simple as an app for your sales force to access the newest deals and information on their tablet, or making advanced observance networks and all-in-one diagnostics tools for field operators otherwise miles removed from internet access and provide lines.

Naturally consultancies and network suppliers area unit among the leaders in developing and delivering enterprise quality, having the power to identify opportunities to contour operations and increase profits via with mobile devices. Some just give consultancy services, however the companies listed here often provide a very big selection of solutions. We’ve divided them into their “key” focus areas, however keep in mind they will have rather more on providing.